The Jim Williams Videos

James Albert Williams, Jr. – director emeritus of the SAR Museum in Louisville KY – developed twenty-five slide presentations on the events and people related to the struggle for American Independence. When he died in 1998 he left the slides and narratives to the Lewis and Clark Chapter (Oregon Society SAR). The Chapter is working with a professional video studio and actors to convert the slide shows to 30 or 45-minute narrated video programs. Fourteen videos are now available for sale.

The videos are suitable for chapter meetings, community presentations, and school history programs (grades 7-12). They make excellent gifts to teach others the history of our nation at a cost comparable to an evening out at the movies. These videos are ideal For Donations and Society Programs. See below for more information on ordering these videos.

Tapes Prepared to Date

1 – The Story of the U.S. Constitution – How it came about.
This analyzes the people who drafted our Constitution and includes the story of the New England Confederation, the Albany Plan, and the Articles of Confederation – the three very real constitutional efforts before drafting the Constitution. (color, 45 min. )
2 – George Washington, Man or Monument?
Was he the great man whose strength lived in the stillness of his character or was he the magnificent saint as we are led to believe? Very inspiring. (color, 45 min.)
3 – Washington’s Homes – Where did his family originate?
This is a tour through Wakefield and a return to Washington’s life as a child. It also tours Mt. Vernon, his beloved estate. (color, 45 min.)
4 – The Story of Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell
(color, 35 min.) (Co-sponsored by the Pennsylvania Society — SAR)
5 – The Road to Independence
Covers events leading up to the Revolutionary War. Describes the French and Indian War and the pressures which led the colonists to declare their independence from the mother country. (color, 35 min.)
6 – The Recovery of the Remains of John Paul Jones
(color 45 min.) (Co-sponsored by the Maryland Society — SAR)
7 – The Battle of Yorktown
Washington’s Crowning Achievement (color 45 min.) (Co-sponsored by the Connecticut Society — SAR)
8 – 100 Years of SAR
The History of the NSSAR from 1889 to 1989 (color, 25 min.) (Sponsored by the NSSAR)
9 – Christmas in Williamsburg
A Colonial Tradition (color, 30 min.)
10 – Thomas Jefferson – His Life & Loves
Father of the University of Virginia, Jefferson was a jack of all trades and a master of most of them. He was a politician, statesman, lawyer, scholar, author, and educator. This is a powerful story of a powerful man. (color, 30 min.)
11 – Saints and Strangers – The Story of the Pilgrims
(color, 30 min.)
12 – The Story of Colonial Newspapers
(color, 30 min.)
13 – Colonial Silver
(color, 30 min.)
14 – Colonial Pewter
(color, 30 min.)

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