Irbin Finley Devin is not related to Clayton Devin

A recent visitor to Devin Timber reported that Irbin Finley Devin (b:1806 in Lincoln County Tennessee) is the youngest son of William Devin, Jr. (d:1810) and Martha (Mitchell) Devin. The relationship is being published in several of the Rootsweb WorldConnect family tree projects.

I have not seen any paper evidence to prove or disprove this relationship. Irbin is not mentioned in any of the classical manuscripts about the Pittsylvania County Devin clan. I have not seen any evidence that William and Martha Devin ever went to Lincoln County Tennessee. In fact, Pittsylvania County VA deed and tax records suggest William and Martha stayed in Pittsylvania County during the first decade of the 1800s. At least, two of their sons (Clayton and Wiliam Robert) went to Lincoln County after the War of 1812, but that was long after Irbin was born.

The single DNA samples that are known from the Irbin Finley Devin line and the Clayton Devin line are strong evidence that Irbin and Clayton do not share a common ancestor in more than one thousand years. There is a possibility that an adoption or non-marital pregnancy has corrupted the DNA relationships. However, when you consider that no known paper trail exists to show this relationship, two strikes are a pretty strong indicator that Irbin Finley Devin and Clayton Devin are not brothers, adopted or otherwise.

If anyone has a primary document that shows Irbin Finley Devin is related to any of the Wiliam and Martha Devin lines, please forward it to me as soon as possible. I will publish the document on Devin Timber. Many hundreds of hours have been spent trying to find a document showing the connection between the Irbin Finley Devin clan and the other Devin families in Lincoln County Tennessee; be the first to produce it.

Without such a document, I have to conclude that the relationship does not exist and any published line showing otherwise is probably wishful thinking.

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