William & Martha Devin are not in Warnock Cemetery

I like Find-a-Grave. It is a great way to find where our ancestors are buried. You will not find me posting memorials there, because if the deceased is one of the descendants of William Devin, Sr., then I am going to spend the time adding the gravestone picture and burial information to Devin Timber.

A person recently sent me a link (http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=54757482) to a memorial for William Devin (b:1752 d:1810). At first, I thought, “Great, someone finally found where he is buried.” Then, I saw that the memorial was for the Warnock Cemetery in Princeton Indiana. Say what?!

You look at the Find-A-Grave memorial (#54757482) and it clearly states that this William Devin died in Pittsylvania County Virginia in 1810 and Martha died in Pittsylvania County about 1832. As the person who sent me the link stated, “Why would someone transport a body 600 miles over some of the roughest terrain of the time to bury William in a place he never lived?” I am not even sure Warnock cemetery existed in 1810. The Rev. Alexander Devin (William’s younger brother) family had only been in the area three years, and Alexander’s family was one of the first families in the area.

It is possible a memorial marker was placed at Warnock cemetery, but there is not a headstone photograph to accompany the memorial. However, it is my humble opinion that a memorial marker is not likely. Why would anyone in the Alexander Devin line put a memorial marker up for their Uncle or Great-uncle?

Alexander Devin and Susan did have several grandsons named William. A couple of them are even buried in Warnock Cemetery with Find-a-Grave memorials. However, none of the Williams in the Alexander line descendants were born about 1752 or died in 1810.

Most likely this was a simple mistake in someone’s genealogy program. Confusing similar names happens to us all; especially when merging duplicate records. I would have thought alarm bells would have been ringing as the creator of the memorial entered the information, because the memorial information simply does not fit the place and time. Hopefully, this memorial will be corrected or removed very soon, before someone gets their research corrupted with this mis-information.

If someone, anyone, has any evidence that this William and Martha are buried in Warnock cemetery, please let me know as soon as possible. I will present my appologies and gladly admit I made a mistake.

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