William & Martha Devin Were Not in Sadsbury PA

I recently noticed published family trees on the Rootsweb WorldConnect service showing William Devin, Jr. (b:c1752 d:1810) as being enumerated on the 1800 U.S. Census for Sadsbury, Chester County, Pennsylvania. I checked. There is a William Devin on that census sheet. However, I don’t see any evidence to indicate that the William Devin of Chester County is the same William Devin, Jr. of Pittsylvania County Virginia. Unfortunately, the 1800 census for Pittsylvania county does not exist, so we cannot show that there were two individuals with the same name in different places.

The note linked to the above said event names spouse and children’s names. Last I saw, only Head of Household names are shown on the 1800 census, so these other names had to come from some other document or a mistake was made. To date, I know of no document which shows that the William and Martha Devin family were in Chester County Pennsylvania. If you have such a document or citation, please send it to Devin Timber.

William (b:c1752 d:1810) bought land from his father in Pittsylvania county in 1794 and sold it in 1805. That suggests to me that this William was in Pittsylvania county Virginia in 1800, not in Chester County Pennsylvania.

A quick Internet search seems to indicate that the William Devin in Chester County in 1800 was a son of James Diven (son of Alexander Diven) of Cumberland County Pennsylvania.

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