Welcome to Wine Castle Studios

Wine Castle Studios is a cooperative to share web hosting account resources for small non-profit organizations. Many small non-profit organizations want more than what the “free” hosting services offer. However, the cost of owning a hosting account and the expertise needed administer the account is more than most smaller¬†organizations can manage.

This cooperative allows small non-profit organizations to share the costs of a business-class web hosting account. Each organization owns and pays for their domain name and the annual domain name renewal. Organizations pay between $6.00 and $24.00 per year as their share of the hosting account costs. Actual cost per organization each year is depended on the number of organizations in the cooperative.

Content management systems are used to allow individual organizations to manage the content of their specific web site. Site administration duties are a combined effort of the cooperative members who have some knowledge of web hosting management. Graphic design and layout are contributed by the talented members of the organizations in the cooperative.

Since 2006, Wine Castle Designs has supported the web presence for the following types of small non-profit organizations:

  • Family Associations
  • Genealogical Societies
  • STC Chapters
  • CAR Societies
  • SAR State Societies
  • SAR Chapters
  • Fund Raising Projects
  • Genealogy Research

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